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How Can A Human Being Be This Flexible? See 11 Photos Of Flexible People This Will Leave You In Awe

Today, we will be looking at 11 photos of flexible people (contortionist) that will make you wonder. A contortionist is a person who performs usually in front of a large audience by bending, flexing, twisting their bodies in the most unusual ways possible, for the entertainment of others. Contortionists like to show off their flexible bodies. Contortion is said to have begun about 250 years ago. Sometimes, the art of contortion is learned as a person grows up, while other times, a person just naturally has the ability to bend themselves. However, the natural ability is as a result of a rare medical condition known as Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. There are several famous contortionists, like Joseph Clark. Currently, The most flexible person on earth is Daniel Browning Smith. Let's see some pictures of contortionists.

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