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Laughing Moment With These Hilarious Pictures

You are going to get a multiple rounds of laughter as you will be going through this article.

1. How will you feel? When you find out that your mom once dated Bill Gates but later broke up with him because he cheated on her.

2. When you know you are going to be single forever!

3. When someone say memes is a waste of time. Me;

4. After hearing my own voice record

5. God: You have 1 wish. Me: Make my parents happy. After few minutes

6. 70 boys shaved their head in support of a female classmate with cancer. This is friendship..!

7. How do you feel when your best friend is absent in the class.

8. When you smoke weed for the first time

9. The lion chose sex over food while the zebra chose porn over life.

10. When someone hurt me & when someone ask why am so angry

11. When you just finished watching a horror movie and you start hearing weird noises in the house:

12. When your best friend starts to say something stupid in front of your crush.

13. Cat: I think I need a DNA test

14. When examiner have a personal issue with you..

15. My TV remote, watching me look for it like an idiot

Hope it's helps you laugh. Keep on laughing and have a nice day.

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Bill Gates


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