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These photos of different celebrities on Make-up and Costume

Different kind of costumes have shown us how people can be dramatically changed from one look to another in a matter of hours or days. Make ups and prosthetic have transformed actors and actresses from one character into another and seeing it is extremely surprising. This costumes are very important in making the actors and actresses fit into the role they'll be acting and it also makes the movie a lot more real and entertaining.

Some people knowing the power of make-up and Costume have resolved to not believing certain things until they see more proofs to believe.

Today I'm going to show you celebrities photos before and after they applied some costume so they could fit into a role, these photos are really interesting and surprising. You would not even recognize most of them unless you saw their previous picture before the Make-up.

Here are these photos

This is obviously the photo of the man who acted as the clown in the popular movie "IT" you wouldn't even believe it's him.

he's going to be acting as a goblin in this movie

The woman who acted the movie "The Nun"

Angelina Jolie during the make up for the movie "The Maleficent"

This is the makeup for a troll

I think she's going to be acting as a witch

I don't know what the boy is acting as,but the make up is cool nonetheless

He is acting as a an old man, look at that amazing transformation.

See how scary she looks after the make-up

You probably already know her, nebula from Avengers

The make up for a modern clown, I'd say

The man who acted "Voldemort" what a transformation

A make up for a female clown or a witch

Which one of these make ups surprised you the most!

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