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Hefohee: New Talented Young Comedian In Nigeria. See Details, Skits And Photos.

Arguably, we can say Nigeria is one of the top countries that have massive number of comedians.

This is so because most Nigerians today, majorly youths, are proactive, and highly talented.

Lots of comedians have been recognized today, most especially those that got to limelight through the social media.

Many of the comedians today were known because of the influence of the social media, and many of them have gone really far in the industry.

We have the likes of Twyse, Lasisi Elenu, Taaooma, Woli Agba, Maraji, to mention but few.

All these comedians got to limelight through the social media, and they were able to build their followers majorly on Instagram, where most Nigerians usually visit online.

Thus, with several comedians in the country, it is almost difficult to recognize new talents, since we have those we follow already.

However, it is vital to note that lots of people are out there doing their best to be seen by the world, and to also showcase their talents to the whole world, yet, they are not able to.

However, a new comedian has been seen recently on the social media, who have been dropping skits for people to see and to support.

Although people might see it as amateurish, however, it is to be noted that all the big comedians today started from somewhere, even from where people didn't recognize them.

But now, with much effort, they became known.

This new comedian has drawn his pattern from the likes of Twyse and Taaooma, where 2 characters of the same person will be seen.

He has released few skits on both his Instagram handle and his Facebook handle.

Watching these skits, you'll realize that he is trying his best to be amongst the best.

His stage name is "Hefohee."

And with the two characters involved, it is "Daddy Theo and Theo."

However, his real name is Francis Omoniyi Emmanuel.

He is a student of University of Ilorin, department of Mathematics.

Below are his pictures:

He recently dropped a new skit that he titled "Amnesia."

You can view the skit on his official Instagram handle with the link below:

"New Skit

Watch -Amnesia- on Instagram

Like, comment and share"

He posted the above content on his Instagram page today so that everyone can see and watch.

Thus, for more of his skits, follow his Instagram page and Facebook page with the links below:



What do you think?

I think Nigeria will still have more talented youths than this.

Share your thoughts and opinions.

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