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Why Do You Have To Do This? See 20 Hilarious Pictures And Jokes For Fun

Don't be bored, here are some funny pictures and jokes I have compiled for your entertainment.

1. An old farmer wrote to his son who was in prison "this year I won't be able to plant potatoes and other things because I can't dig the field, I know if you were here you would have helped me."

The son wrote back, "Dad, don't even think of digging the field do you want to expose me?That's where I buried the money

The police read the letter written by the son before delivering it to the father, and the next day the whole field was dug by police but nothing was found. The following day the son wrote to his father again, "Now you can plant your potatoes Dad, your farm has been dug for you."

2. Akpos was in the classroom when his teacher gave a class work that everybody in class should draw a goat eating grass.

When they all finish drawing they submitted their work for the teacher to grade, when the teacher wanted to grade Akpos' work, he noticed that there was nothing on the drawing book.

So he called Akpos to ask why he left the drawing book blank. Akpos replied and said "Maybe the goat has finish eating the grass and went away."

3. The Doctors at a psychiatric hospital wanted to test to know the next set of the insane men to release. A doctor used a marker to draw a door on the wall and asked the patients to open and pass through it.

All the insane men rushed to the door to open but Akpos didn't. He sat down and watched them, the doctor thinks Akpos' brain is back to normal. So a Doctor went to meet him.

Doctor: Akpos why are u sitting down?

Akpos replied the doctor and said "Those people are all crazy! do you know that the key to that door is in my pocket."



6. When You collect loan to buy WAEC form.

7. Why do you have to do this now!




11. Just ignite a knockout at her back and the rest will be history...

12. When you buy a bag of rice at an expensive price and you don't want the sack to be a waste. What a wonderful trouser to behold.

13. Haaa... This uncle is very wicked.

14. Mummy is going to be happy to meet her car with full tank.

15. Social distancing in weird manner!

16. When embark on a suicide mission.

17. When your village people forced an house help on you and you ask her to cook sparggety for the first time.

18. What do you think you are doing?



Which one is the funniest?

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