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Fiction:I visited my husband in his office, this is what I met him doing - Lady cries out

A woman shared her bitter story on how she met her husband with a beautiful lady when she visited him in his office uninvited.

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My name is Abigail, a 28 year mother of two. I live with my husband in Nasarawa State. I got married to my husband in the year 2017 and since then we have been living peacefully

My husband loves me and I love him too.

My husband is a manager in one of the A. A Rano's filling stations here in Nasarawa State.

I have not visited him in his office since we came to Nasarawa, but I know where the station is located.

A friend of mine came to visit me and after spending some hours, she said that she was leaving and I decided to go with her in her car and also use the opportunity to buy something things from the market. After buying what I went to buy, I got short of money and then thought of passing through my husband's office to get some money from him.

This is what I met my husband doing with a lady that made me shiver

On reaching the station, one of the workers there led me into my husband's office. The moment I was about entering into the office, I began to hear lady's voice saying, "leave me, leave me, let me go, and I heard my husband saying please stay a little bit, I'll allow you to go in the next 30 minutes." At that moment in time, I pushed the door without knocking. I caught my husband red handed lapping the beautiful young lady. I was disappointed by my husband who I trust so much. I left his office in shock because it was like a dream to me. That means he has been cheating on me and that was why God made it happen this way so that I can catch him red handed the way it that day.

I cried myself out that day but what could I have done. I trusted my husband so much with love and I have never thought all my life that my husband can do that to me. He looks innocent, this means that no man can be trusted when it comes to have extra marital affairs. If my husband whom I trusted so much can do that, all men are not trusted then.

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I am not happy, I'm not at all. What if he gets any disease from those he's dating, then I'll be in trouble.

Later that day, my husband came back home blaming me that why didn't I call him informing him I was coming to his office. He also accused his boys at work of conspiracy. I did not answer him because I have decided to remain silence over the matter.

He came back with complaints which I believe was to cover up the shameful thing he has done back in the office. I did not say a word to him and my silence has been causing him sleepless night.

I've been keeping quiet since this incident happened in his office. I didn't ask him why he cheated on me, as he has been expecting me to ask. I've decided to remain silence because I was shocked and disappointed.

He tried severally to talk about it, I didn't give a listening ear.

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