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What is the meaning of WCW and MCM

What is the significance of WCW? How individuals use it? WCW is an abbreviation utilized broadly via web-based networking media particularly as hashtags under pictures. This article clarifies its importance and how to utilize it. 

What is WCW meaning? 

WCW signifies "Women Crush Wednesday." It is a generally utilized as a hashtag via web-based networking media to label pictures and post of ladies individuals appealing or that they respect. It is a type of casual honor or a basic method for posting your appreciation for a woman. The utilization of the hashtag #WCW began on Twitter before spreading to other online life systems, for example, Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr. 

WCW significance could likewise be Women Crush Wednesday (the plural adaptation) or "Awesome Crush Wednesday" or "Big showdown Wrestling" contingent upon the specific circumstance. In any case, the famous significance is "Lady Crush Wednesday" or "Ladies Crush Wednesday" (when utilizing in a plural setting, i.e., picture/post incorporate more than one lady). 

The most effective method to utilize the hashtag WCW

Similarly as the significance of WCW infers, the hashtag is utilized on Wednesdays. So that is the principal rule you should not break. You can't utilize #WCW on some other day other than Wednesday. The hashtag can be utilized by just anyone. 

Folks use it when they post photos of their sweethearts and label them in it. Folks additionally use it to post pictures of ladies they respect, for example, their mum, sisters or different women/famous people. Men additionally utilize the hashtag to post pictures of women or VIPs they really like regardless of whether they don't have any relationship at all with the individual. 

Ladies use it when the post photos of their female companions, their mum or sisters. They can even utilize it when they post pictures of themselves that they are pounding on. 

To utilize it, simply type #WCW in the subtitle under the image before you post. A few people decided to compose it in full particularly on Facebook and Instagram on the grounds that they permit a greater number of characters than Twitter. 

Remember the standard, WCW is utilized on Wednesdays. There are different variations, for example, Woman Crush Every day that can be utilized quickly. There is likewise the variation for men, MCM significance Man Crush Monday. MCM is utilized for the most part by ladies for picture post of men they like or respect. 


MCM signifies "Man Crush Monday". At the point when utilized on stages, for example, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Facebook, MCM signifies "Man Crush Monday". It is ordinarily observed with a hashtag (i.e., #MCM). MCM is normally used to label posts about appealing men, yet can likewise be utilized as a pet name in visits between couples.

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