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The Most Stereotyped Nollywood Actors Who Are Known For Playing Particular Roles In Movies

Movies do something to the human mind: it forms a believable story in the head of a viewer, making the person think less of it as a scripted act but as real occurrence. Sequel to this, many viewers often liken the character of actors offset to what they portray before a camera. Even Nollywood actors, with the help of its limited tropes, are pent up in this stereotyped room. 

Over the years, these actors have been recognized for playing particular movie roles and for this reason we've put them side-by-side with one/two character(s). 

Patience Ozokwor aka Mama G'/Susu

Whenever the names of a movie cast slides up after IN and you see Patience Ozokwor, definitely you'd mutter, “Which daughter(son)-in-law or relative is this woman witching this time? ”. This is because she has constantly played the ‘wicked/manipulative step mother, aunty or sibling’ roles in movies. And, no, you don't want to be the person on the receiving end when Patience is interpreting the mastered antagonistic role; and it doesn't matter if the movie is scripted to end in the protagonist's favor, she will first brew great hatred in the viewers for dealing badly with the protagonist. She's indeed excellent in this role. 

Pete Edochie

Pete Edochie is a veteran in the industry, well known for his articulate, deep dialogue in movies, and the never-dying ritualist/cult leader and egotistical tyrant king roles. Pete's seemingly effortless portrayal of these roles, which most times do not show moral culpability, has made a lot of people reverence him, before and behind the camera. 

Hilda Dokubo

It's not mainly because of the forceless tears she wells up that got this legend too many pitiable protagonist roles — it is the sheer emotional attachment and how she expresses vulnerability in the interpretation of these roles in movies that has put her in the hearts of many as arguably the best ‘sufferer’ in Nollywood. World Apart and End of The Wicked will convince you of this. 

Chinwe Owoh and Rita Edochie

Just like Hilda, these two have carved the ‘wailer’ niche for themselves in the Nigerian movie industry. With usual roles of poverty stricken widow, mother and grandmother, it takes just a little unjust act towards them before they throw themselves on the floor, rolling on the sand with their unfolding wrappers and crying. 

The Comedic Squad

There are numerous stereotyped actor-comedians in this category, but Sam Loco John Okafor ‘Mr. Ibu’ and Nkem Owoh ‘Osuofia’ are unarguably the most popular, hence the dub: The Comedic Squad. 

If you need persons who would make you laugh hysterically due to their natural folly, then late Sam Loco, Osuofia and Mr. Ibu are at your service. Rarely (did)do we see movies where these people are play(ed)ing non-comic roles. 

Kanaya O. Kanayo

I can see you smiling and saying ‘aha!’. Hehe. Of course, why won't you, when you are seeing the most stereotyped actor in Nollywood. He who comes into the scene and you'd be like ‘Is this a 'ritualist' movie? 

Until some years ago, Kanayo was known for always playing the poor man who seeks for financial prosperity by joining an occult and engaging in spiritual sacrifices. His mastered portrayal of this particular role has made many see less of him as an actor and more like ritualist in reality, which he is not. 

Another actor, who easily fits into this stereotyped category is Port Harcourt-born veteran actor,  Clems Ohameze

Sam Dede/Saint Obi/Emma Ehumadu/Gentle Jack

If there was an actual Action Film genre in Nollywood, then these three men would be the top three in the echelon of actors in the genre. Sam DedeEbube’ of the Isakaba fame has a remarkable acting career spanning over 20 years, most of which he played ‘Vigilante/Militant/Warrior' roles — the same would be said for broad and muscular Gentle Jack aka Vuga, who has played nothing other than the mentioned roles in his decades old career in Nollywood. 

Veteran, Saint Obi is also on this list. With interesting good cop roles he has played, it will hard for so may people to think of him in a different genred movie, same goes for Emma Ehumadu aka Labista who switches roles of being a villain and also a hero. But, one thing is certain in most of the movies Labista has starred in: Guns and violence. 

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