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The Lovesome Poem (Love Poem)


Oh! Look here

I heard a voice saying;

You are the longest book

He has ever written

He spends many hours awake

Burns midnight candles

Wander far away the sun

You shared a kiss

But you could tell at ease

Now that you're pleased

Oh! Now closer

I heard the sound of drums

In my diary, 

You are a movie I long to see

Your body smells of popcorn

So every time you leave, 

I'm reminded of the cinemas

Even after another kiss

I could feel what I'd miss

When you're away from me

Just like the flowers that shine

Around unwanted plants

He came back

Moving every inch

Of your belly button

To produce;

A white flower

That shines once in a lifetime.

Tell your lover why you'd love to kiss and tell. It's for the start of a new day. It's always Love and light.

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Content created and supplied by: Eniolaadun (via Opera News )

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