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Trick Or Magic? See The Secret Behind The "Floating Monk" Magic

Does any thing like magic really exist? Have we been tricked all this while? I will let you decide for yourself after you have read this article but if you ask me, I will say yes, those who believe that magic is real are being tricked or taken for a ride as the case may be.

Before I delve fully into this topic, I would like to know if you can spot the 4 major similarities between the following images of levitating monks and mystics below.




Now to the topic - Trick or magic? What is the secret behind the "floating monk" magic?

The Idea

The idea behind this spectacle is simple. A mystic or a monk floats on the air resting on nothing other than a stick, rod or pole. Another variation involves a mystic or monk sitting while holding a stick on which another mystic or monk balances upon.

For onlookers, this is convincing enough. To them it is undoubtedly magic. But we are not onlookers or bystanders so we are going to take a closer look and expose the secret behind the "floating monk" magic. Nobody can defy the laws of physics

The Secret

The secret behind this trick is quite simple. First of all, there are 3 vital things that are required for this trick to work.

1. The performers clothing which always have a long sleeve and always covers the platform on which the performer sits on.

2. The stick, pole or rod which the performer or performers always holds.

3. The mat or rug that you saw in the pictures I attached earlier.

How The Trick Works

The setup is quite simple. It consists of a well balanced heavy base which is connected to the rod or stick that the performer holds. The base is covered with a rug, flowers or other materials. The rod itself is connected to a seat. The setup is made to balance properly.

The performers clothing on the other hand is made to cover the seat as well as the part of the rod which connects to the seat. This is the main reason why these mystics or monks always use long sleeved clothing.

There are other variations of this trick but the fundamental concept is the same and the setup will always have a base, a rod and a seat all interconnected with the interconnections covered up properly by clothing.

Now that you know how this "magic" works, are you not beginning to think that other magic you know about are nothing but tricks and illusions that you are yet to discover?

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