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Funny memes everyone can relate to

Almost the whole world is on lock down and people are not allowed to go out and have some fun no more and every is visibly bored from staying indoors all day long.

So guys these are some funny memes you can all relate to that will put a smile on your faces. Pls guys don't forget to subscribe if you want more funny memes like this.

Okay so without wasting time, let's get into It already

Funny memes that will crack you up

She is probably not going to let him rest till he proposes to her.

This people have made it big this time.

This happens to me alot.

This usually happens when you are bathing. Lol

This is so true. Pls elderly be careful ooh.

This people they don't even comment on posts. 😂 Lol

I sometimes don't know why I still set my alarm when I would still ignore it. 😂 Lol.

I tried this one and it is true ooh.

I can relate to this.

Who do you think you want to hug, me!

How I spend my time during lockdown.

This is so me. Lol

Had to look twice.

Hope you guys enjoyed it.

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Thank you.

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