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Why Angel and Cross vibe so well in the house without getting tagged as a couple by viewers

The closeness between Angel and Cross seems to be murky to the viewers. Since the Big Brother Naija shine ya eye show started, Angel and Cross have been doing a lot of things in the house without getting tagged as a couple by the viewers. Many times, they have been caught on camera locking lips in the presence of other housemates, sharing a bed and more; but fans never tagged them as a couple (a ship) despite all they have done.

Big Brother Naija fans are fond of tagging two housemates as a ship (couple) once they kiss or become close friends, but Cross and Angel seem to be invisible. In case you are wondering why the duo relates so well with each other without getting shipped by the fans, I will reveal that in this article.

photo credit:@Angel / Cross

Why Angel and Cross vibe so well in the house without getting tagged as a couple by viewers

 Angel and Cross have similar attributes when it comes to handling issues of the heart. They understand themselves perfectly. They know they are players, that is why Cross can mingle with any lady he likes and still come back to kiss Angel and vice versa. This has helped in confusing the viewers, making them see their closeness as an unserious affair. If Angel were like Queen, there would have been a problem. She would have tried to have Cross all to himself, and this might not sit well with Cross's personality. 

To further clarify my point, I will say Angel and Cross have available body language.

Body language is a type of nonverbal communication in which physical behaviours, as opposed to words, are used to express oneself. Such behaviour includes facial expressions, body posture, gestures, eye movement, touch and the use of space. We already know the meaning of the word 'Avaliable,' (Free, open to something etc).

photo credit:@Cross

Angel can walk up to any guy in the house and kiss him without minding, likewise Cross. They are both open or not scared to indulge in anything with anyone even though they are on national television. They are easy-going and playful and can easily create a connection without attracting so much attention.

 People with available body language most times find each other attractive playfully. They know what they both want to derive from each other's company, and they respect their boundaries. We can also call this "Friends with benefits."This attribute also helped them to distract the viewers from tagging them as a couple.

screenshot evidence of Cross and Angel locking lips on various occasions.

photo credit:@Bbnaija

Obviously, Angel and Cross came into the house to play the game. They don't need to be in love or get shipped with a particular housemate before they can have a good time. 

If Angel wanted to be in a serious relationship in the house, Sammie and Kayvee were emotionally ready to accept her. If Cross wanted to have a serious affair in the house, Saskay was ready to give it to him regardless of JayPaul's advances, because she complained severally that Cross does not take her seriously.

In that house, Cross is like the playboy while Angel is like the playgirl. They understand themselves a lot, which also helped their vibe.

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