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Fiction: The Bitter Sweet Story Of My Life

My life is a bitter sweet story, an experience I'd want only a few people to go through. Anyways, everything has a beginning so I'd start from how my step mother pestered my biological father to throw me out of the house around 10pm. Feeling rejected, dejected and heartbroken I found shelter in an uncompleted building. Unknown to me, this same uncompleted building was the hide-out for a group of robbers who just finished a raid. Immediately they saw me, the first thing that came to their head was sexual sensation. Just as they were about to gang rape me, the last of gang walked in and told them to stop. He said I was his wife and he asked me to come collect his share of the money. Feeling so naive and afraid, I obliged to his claims. He took me to his house and promised me he would go see my parents to validate and facilitate our marriage. Before he woke up, I ran away. I really can't bear the thought of my humble self getting married to a armed robber.

I found a school and told them I wanted to work as a cleaner. The Head mistress agreed and I started work immediately. There I met the love of my life, a Yoruba man. Kunle taught me what true love entails, he made me feel like a woman. I got pregnant for him but my family which are igbos rejected the union. I had to leave the LOML for a place with a Benin man who showed me no love. He was constantly beating me even though I had a child with him. One night, I saw him tiptoeing to my bedside with a pillow in his hands. I knew this meant danger so immediately he got close to me, I gave him a big hit from my elbow and ran away leaving the child with him. 

I went back to the school I once worked and related my ordeal to her. Feeling touched with my story, she gave me a job as a cleaner once again but I knew there was somewhere God was taking me to. I asked if I could start laundry business for the school. With her permission, I spoke to some wealthy parents about it and so the birth of my business. Cleaning the school, alongside washing clothes and accompanying the school bus, I was making good money. 

One-day, my LOML came to the same school to look for a job. Seeing him for the first time, we both shed tears of joy as we reminiscence our past. He told me how he married a Yoruba woman but she ran away and I told him my travail. We started dating once again and I got pregnant. This time I took a stand, I told my Dad I didn't want a wedding ceremony but just his blessings. He couldn't refuse because he knew his initial matchmaking almost cost me my life. 

One thing that made me successful was the fact that I was honest. On several occasions, my clients would leave food and money in places I could possibly find them. I would never take them, hence I received financial tips from them regularly. Today, we have moved to our own house with all the furnitures in the house as gift from my clients. 

This authenticates the fact that life may be bitter today, hold on tomorrow would be sweet. It just can only be God.

Content created and supplied by: A-ClefDPoet (via Opera News )

Bitter Sweet Story Of The


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