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"D Same Traffic Wey No Favor Driver, Na Him Favor Gala Seller"; Pidgin Proverbs That Explains Life

It is no news that pidgin proverbs create expression on facts, and whatever we may have encountered in life, a lot of proverbs define them. And if you are a fan of proverbs or love to know what it expresses, then you should read till the end.

1- "D same traffic wey no favor driver, na him favor gala seller"

That is what works for me does not work for you, we all have our destined parts. What you keep ignoring is what another person asks for.

2- "Rat wey die on top bag of rice, no be hunger kill am, na over excitement"

Don't be carried away with your little achievement, you still have works to do.

3- "Garri no believe sey im go rise, na water ginger am"

One of the reasons why we see most adults who are poor today because there was no one to motivate or support them during there early ages. There are lots of gifted youths, but no empowerment.

4- "pikin wey him mama carry for back, no know sey road far"

If you are successful as a result of coming from a rich home, do not label others as lazy.

5- "House fly wey no gree hear word they follow dead body enter grave"

It is okay not to let others determine your life. But listen to meaningful advice.

6- "Help me beat my pikin, e no reach the mother mind"

Handle what is not yours like you own it. You may be in charge of it, but don't fuck it up.

7- "Who dey find money, no dey off data".

8- "Escort me escort me, na so slave trade take start".

9- "pikin wey no know him mama boyfriend na e dey call am broda".

Don't tell people who you are, show them rather.

10- "Before you follow who know road, hold your transport money".

Do not put all your trust in others, and do not rely too much on them. Always have a second plan.

11- "If trust dey, water no go boil fish".

Your parents are the only ones who will never let you down.

12- "Person wey dey pill groundnut for blind man na thief, if him no dey blow whistle".

Leaders in charge of the citizen's money, but refused to account for financial records are not loyal.

13- "Person wey buy poison wait for change, never ready to die".

If you keep dreaming without taking any action today, then you are not ready for success.

14- "Na corporation make rice full pot"

There is power in unity.

15- "Person wey belle full go hungry again"

Do not spend lavishly, always save. Spend after saving, not save after spending. Tomorrow is not guaranteed.

16- "pikin wey no get cloth no dey follow others play for rain"

Accept who you are and celebrate your life. Do not die before your death, and don't compare yourself to others.

17- "No food for lazy man, no be for pikin wey him papa get restaurant"

18- "Basketball game no be for aki and pawpaw"

Do not invest in a business you don't understand.

19- "Make i bite small na e make tunde carry half belle sleep"

Money fools us. When we eat a milestone, we immediately start to think of sharing with lots of people. It is okay to be generous, but it is best to reinvest what you've got to earn more and more. Then when you are successful, you give back to the community.

Give meanings to the above proverbs numbers 7, 8, and 17. What other inspirational pidgin proverbs do you know?. WAIT!

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