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My Son Was About to Bathe This Morning but What I saw in the Bathroom Made Me Cold(Fiction).

I am a father of four boys. We live alone in our home. Since my wife died, we have lived as men in our home, sometimes neat and other times messy. I always scolded my boys each time they littered the house because it reminded me of how impossible it was for the house to be dirty when my wife was around. I wish the cold hands of death did not snatch her away from us. I am sure she would have been so proud of how grown our boys have become. My name is Jude. Despite how hard it has been for me, I have given in all my best to train my children in the way of the lord. We are devout Christians. My sons and I live in lekki, Lagos and I do not deny my sons the opportunity to enjoy their youthful and teenage lives. They attend social gatherings the much they feel like. Yesterday however, I saw something greatly baffling and am not able to understand it even up till this time and so I have decided to seek some advice. I had woken up around 6am and said the usual morning prayers with my sons and they all retired to their rooms. I saw my second son, Anderson as he collected his towel from the line where he spread it to be aired after the washing machine washed and iron dried it. He also entered into the kitchen and went back into the bathroom. I noticed he was not taking his bath in the bathroom inside his room. This was the first time I saw any of my sons trying to take their bath in the visitors bathroom instead of the bathroom in their rooms. After some time, I decided to check on him. He's my son after all. As I passed the bathroom corridor, it was still partially open and my son was not there. I took that opportunity to enter the bathroom to confirm what I saw through the slightly open door. As I opened the door, I was afraid and cold because of what I saw. In the bathtub was water and red leaves. Outside the bathtub were red candles which were already lighted. Even though it was morning, he drew the curtains and it gave the room a dark shade. I was still staring at all these when Anderson walked in with a dry smile on his face. As if he had read my mind, he started explaining. He said it does not mean anything that it was just a recent trend. If he was a girl, I would have tried to understand it as one of those weird ladies activities but Anderson is a man of (24) twenty four years. I just called his other brothers to come and see what their brother is doing. I went back to my room to think of how to handle this situation. Anderson is not a little boy that I could flog the truth forcefully out of his mouth. What should I do? Only if my wife was alive to see this I bet she would have known the best thing to do.

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