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BBNaija: Two Reasons Why Nini and Saga's Relationship Might Secure Them A Spot In The Grand Finale

Nini and Saga are one of the housemates whose Relationship have been questioned by fans and viewers of the show. This is because the latter has a boyfriend outside the show. Now, it's very confusing and complicated for the latter (Nini) to extend her relationship with Saga to something beyond 'mutual friendship', while having another relationship outside.

Nini and Saga:

Just like Liquorose and Emmanuel, Nini and Saga on the other hand are also one of the closest duo in the Big Brother Naija Season 6 Edition, tagged 'Shine Ya Eyes'. Saga whom we all know had made it known that he loved Nini beyond friendship level, but Nini on the other hand is yet to verify if she feels the same way for Saga. Their relationship is more like an unrequited love.

It must be quite painful, I imagine - particularly when you’ve done everything you could think of to gain her affection and she still doesn’t want you or reciprocating the same energy you give out. There are going to be feelings of despair and plenty of tears shed, but it will pass. It’s difficult to accept that the person you have feelings for doesn’t care for you at all in that way.

Nini and Saga dancing together in one of the Saturday night party:

Hence, that is why I said the relationship between Nini and Saga is more like an unrequited love or a one-sided love. However, despite all, the duo have been spotted enjoying each other's company, eating together, dancing together and even sharing passionate k*ss.

As the Big Brother Naija Season 6 edition is gradually coming to a close, sets of housemates are up for eviction, including Saga and Nini. Recall that White money, Pere, Angel, Saga, Nini and Queen are all up for possible eviction from the Big Brother Naija Show this week. The six housemates need to fight for their spot in the Grand finale.

Bearing that in mind, Saga and Nini are now in a tight situation as they are both up for eviction. The chances of both of them escaping possible eviction come Sunday is slim because, their fans will be voting hand in hand to keep them in the house because of their relationship. Saga's fans wouldn't want Nini to be evicted because of the love Saga have for her, while Nini's fans wouldn't like Saga to go because he is her close friend. So, it's a two-way traffic, hence why I said the chances of both of them escaping possible eviction is slim.

But notwithstanding, things can turn out good for both of them come this Sunday, which will automatically see them through into the Grand Finale. This can be possible due to these reasons;

1. Their Love Relationship

For the fact that Saga genuinely loves Nini and he is up for eviction alongside with her, viewers would be so pumped to keep them in the house. Their Love Relationship have been one of the contents the duo display in the Big Brother Naija Show and viewers are always keen to see them on their screens, especially when they are serving romantic goals.

Permit me to divert a little bit. If you were conversant with last year Big Brother Naija Edition, you would agree with me that no one saw Vee or Neo in the grand finale. Frankly speaking, I never saw that coming even though they were one of my favourites. But still, Vee and Neo scaled through the shackles and landed amongst the Top 5. What am I driving at? Everyone loved Neo and Vee, especially how Neo showed his romantic side to Vee couple of times. From cooking for her down to sacrificing his favourite outfit to purchase something for her on her birthday, but to mention a few. Everyone loved the relationship between Vee and Neo, and that was what propelled them to be amongst the Top 5. Viewers as well as ex housemates of the Big Brother Naija Season 5 edition loved Neo and Vee's relationship. Personally, I think that formed the main reason why they were in the top 5.

Now back to Nini and Saga. Just like Neo and Vee, viewers would want to keep them in the house because of the contents they display. If you have been following the Shine Ya Eye edition from day one till now, one thing is that you can never hate Nini and Saga. Even if they are not your favourite duo, you can't deny the fact that they are just too beautiful and sweet to watch.

Another reason which might secure Nini and Saga a spot in the Grand finale is;

2. Friends of Both Housemates (i.e Nini and Saga) who have been evicted could urge their fans to vote for them. While Peace and Arin were still in the Big Brother Naija house, the two housemates were close to Nini. The three females laughed and gossiped together. Now that Arin and Peace have been evicted, the ex Housemates could urge their fans to vote for Nini. Voting for Nini also means they will vote for Saga as well.

Other evicted housemates who love the relationship of Nini and Saga could join hands and keep them in the house, which will automatically secure both of them a spot in the Grand finale.

So, these two reasons could see Nini and Saga saying 'bye' to eviction and 'hello' in the Grand finale. These are my personal opinion.

Do you agree with me? Do you think Nini and Saga's Relationship Might Secure Them A Spot In The Grand Finale via the reasons listed above?

Let me know what you think in the comment section below.

Thanks for reading!!

Content created and supplied by: FranklySpeakingwithJeremiah (via Opera News )

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