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Opinion: Why Wizkid's Reply To Seun Kuti Is The Best Way To Shut Him Up

Wizkid Fans can be quite aggressive with their responses when they want to be, many have described them as aggressive, and a host of other closely related words but the truth is, these guys love wizkid and will do anything to stand with him and stand against anyone who stands against him. The group is called Wizkid FC, a fan club dedicated to celebrating wizkid and creating an atmosphere for the singer to blossom. These people can be quite peaceful, take them as bees who only become aggressive when wizkid is Insulted or disrespected.

Recently, they went on the full attack at Seun Kuti whose offense was his statement on the Grammy awards. Seun in a video which he posted on his Instagram, claimed that there are only four artists that have been nominated for a Grammy in the country, he mentioned names and intentionally Excluded Wizkid. This didn't sit right with Wizkid fans who felt he was being disrespectful to Wizkid, despite Wizkid's status as a Grammy Award nominee and winner.

At first, they only responded with aggression, and with time, they sat back and let the sleeping dog lie. Fortunately for the fan base, Wizkid posted a picture of his Grammy Award, and this created a much more controversial response to Seun Kuti. After Wizkid's picture surfaced online, his fans went on the full attack on Seun Kuti, showing him pictures of the Grammy plaque with Wizkid's name boldly written on it and screenshots of the award certification from the Grammy Award site.

Seun who perhaps saw this as a declaration of war, came online and began to attack wizkid fans, as they also returned what this writer would call "a favor". Insults were constantly traded, people were called names and Seun never back down despite arguing with a group of fans who have close to no identity online. 

Fortunately, Wizkid stepped in and responded to one of Seun's posts on Instagram, where he stated that he "was ready for the group and would finish them, despite being a one-man army." Wizkid whose response has since been seen as shade or a mature way of letting the issue die a natural death responded by asking that "Seun picks up his sax and make some more music, as his last album was still being enjoyed by all." 

Many have called this a shade. After all, firstly, we cannot entirely say that Seun's last album is being enjoyed by all because very few amongst those who follow wizkid, actually follow Seun's songs. Wizkid's comment has been taken apart, shredded, and re-assessed by his fans who believe his response was in a manner of speaking, "an intentional shutting up of Seun." According to some, Wizkid acted maturely and decided to reply not to insult Seun despite his disrespect to his name, but to simply let what Seun has drawn into an online battle, simply die. 

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