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Maturity is a gift: See what BB NAIJA's Uriel responded a follower who advised her to edit pictures

It has become a global trend for ladies and men alike to edit pictures as a means to hide whatever flaw they bear. How amazing it is also that even pretty ladies and handsome guys still use these filters and edit out life out of their pictures.

Little wonder why applications like Photoshop, Snapchat and many other photo editors sell much more in the online store/Market.

Well, can we totally blame them? Their fans wish to see flawlessness in whomsoever they chose to follow. Just hours into the house, we have the picture of Dorothy Bachor one of the housemates thriving on the internet because of her beauty and body. Prior to Sunday, Bachor's followers were below 2,000 but few hours into the house, her followers rose to over 40,000 why? You guessed right - Her beauty and appealing body.

For the case of Uriel, with the Instagram handle @urielmusicstar, she uploaded her pictures which was evident no filter was used as she came out black like a true African soil and pretty too. But the baffling thing is a fan coming out to address her to at least use filters so her pictures could come out better.

Unlike many others, Uriel gave the follower a very matured respond which made the follower come to her DM to apologize and explain what she really meant and the reason for her comment advising her to bring her own comment down.

In uriel's words: "Man I'm tired of women...

Do you know how hard it has been to lose weight?? I have to make my own bread not to talk about eating rice.. Girl my fans deserve the truth not edited videos or pictures. I'll get there until then, enjoy the cellulite. Rubbish. This is how people rubbish your achievements"

This statement got a hold of the fan who couldn't hide but to go DM to explain matters.

I really commend Uriel for the maturity displayed by not coming out to trade words as some celebrities would do.

Do you really think editing pictures is necessary? Do you edit your pictures? Leave me a comment in the comment section below.

Content created and supplied by: Edasgist_newscorner (via Opera News )

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