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55 funny jokes and pictures that will make you laugh

Hey guys its liljayentertainer am here again on another jokes for you guys, am sure a lot of us we bored at home, am just gonna give you guys these to clear boredom.

1. Every woman deserves a funny man with a great sense of humour and not Mr serious who only smile when he sees yansh.

2. When you hit right spot during sec. Americans:oh baby, yes!!! Don't stop baby. Nigerians:ma there baby, I swear na there ooo.

3. Being heartbroken can make you wake up in the midnight, just to cry and later go to sleep.

4. If your girlfriend never take any of your clothes and say "baby I like this top am taking it along, dash me" bro na rubbish you dey wear.

5. When people say they can't see anything in you..... Hug them and say "life is difficult for the blind. "

6. I knew my girlfriend was cheating on me on the night she texted me, "baby I'm going out with my friend Alimah" while Alimah was on the bed with me.

7. I want a girlfriend that will be like "baby that girl is pretty fuck her for us" do they exist at all.

8. Just because am a man doesn't mean I should be able to kill a snake my sister, I can scream louder than you.

9. In Igbo land they don't greet good morning , they simply say money oooo and they reply money my brother.

10. All I need is a loyal girlfriend that will love me to the extent that she will use me as a wallpaper on her Dad's phone, i mean is that too much to ask.

11. Nothing makes a girl much happier than when she's about to leave and a guy says pass me my wallet.

12. You invited a girl to your house and you wanted to touch her then she started behaving strange my brother just tell her "there are some character that reduces transport money" then see how she will remain quiet.

13. Don't tell short girls a long story , it an insult to them.

14. Welcome to Nigeria where mental patients are called Facebook comedians.

15. Dear girls, please and please if you know you have a sagging breast , stop wearing a highwaist trouser, I know why am saying this, I saw one girl's boons in her pocket.

16. If you marry a girl that can't cook, bros your case dey Mr Biggs.

17. In Hollywood, you picks someone's pulse to know if they're alive or dead but in nollywood, just pick the hand and drop it that all.

18. One stone is enough to break a glass, one word is enough to break a heart, one second is enough to fall in love but one chapter isn't enough to pass an exam.

19. My sister if he says he loves you, say you love him too don't let him lie alone.

20. So just because you have been doing it and you haven't been pregnant mean you're smart what if your pregnant.

21. Nigeria is a country where someone who studied computer science works at a poultry.

22. Imagine bobrisky reach heavens gate the angel will be confused, the angel will be like I thought you were a man who dash you breast and other things.

23. Everybody in Nigeria has a particular building they use to know if there is light for house.

24. Doctor: I told you to use your drug by 9am , then why did you take it by 6pm

apkos: I wanted to surprise the bacteria.

25. Nobody hates a broke guy than a girl with no future.

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Content created and supplied by: Chris_B (via Opera News )

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