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Have You Ever Wondered Why A Bird Is Used As Twitter Logo (See Reason)

Have you ever wondered why a bird is used as Twitter logo, then this article is just for you. To get intresting fact and article like this one Kindly Follow me.

Firstly, do you know that Twitter's Logo name is called Larry the bird? Well, In 2010 Twitter decided that it needed a new logo. They wanted something that perfectly symbolized the tweets that were the cornerstone of the business so they invented the twitter bird which summed up the objectives of the company perfectly. Not only did “tweets” sound like something a bird would do, but his quick and speedy look symbolized the quick and simple messages that the service offered.

Twitter changed its logo into a bird in 2012 which looks more simple and attractive. People, just by seeing the bird, would instantly know what it symbolized. They made the bird much larger so it could attract more attention. They also changed the color of the bird to a darker blue to make it more pleasing to a wider audience.

in fact, according to English dictionary Twitter means The sound of a succession of chirps as uttered by birds. I often listen to the twitter of the birds in the park.

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