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Cruel Billionaire: Episode 09 (Read it here)

Cruel Billionaire

Episode 9

Aza's POV

I stared at Aidan whose face has changed in surprise.

"A honeymoon ticket to San Francisco?" he asked and looked at me, then to his dad. A honeymoon ticket? After six months into marriage? This man got to be kidding me right now.

"What!", I blurted out surprisingly.

"But dad...(cuts in)

"I know it didn't come early but a gift is a gift none of you is going to refuse and that's final." At that, we both sighed and stared at each other .

"What about the company dad", Aidan asked .

"Don't worry son, your PA will take good care of it before you are back in the next three months", he replied. I guess we are stuck. Staying with Aidan for three good months.

"And when you are back, all I want to hear is good news", my dad added while mum winked at me as my face flushed. Oh God! They won't seize to embarrass me at any given moment.

"Mum look she's blushing", Lily said. I quickly face palmed myself making everyone burst into a fist of laughter.

Aidan's POV

"The plane is ready sir", my pilot announced as Aza and I dragged our luggages towards there.

We entered into the plane which was about to take off but I looked at Aza who's looking all fearful. Is she afraid of the plane?

"Wifey, what's wrong?", I queried.

"Nothing, just that it's my first time on a plane", she said fidgeting.

"Its okay, I'm right here beside you, now come here", I patted the space beside me and she sat. I wrapped my hands around her to give her comfort and whispered.

"It's gonna be me and you for three months, no mum and dad to disturb our peace and I will have you all to myself", I said and she turned crimson while I chuckled. The plane took off and in no time Aza slept off.

Finally the plane landed.

"Wakey wakey, sleeping beauty", I woke her up and we alighted from the plane.

"Welcome to San Francisco, wifey", I said and drew her cheeks.


"Aidan son it's been a while", Kyle my Dad's friend said as he hugged me .

"How are you Kylie", I asked as we disengaged from the hug.

"Except for the fact that my bones are getting weak, I'm perfectly fine", he chuckled.

"And who's this beauty beside you? I guess she's your wife?", he asked smilling at shy Aza.

"Yes Kyle meet my wife Aza and Aza meet Kyle my Dad's very good friend", I introduced.

"Oh my bad! I'm really sorry my daughter", he said and pulled her into a hug as Aza smiled at her.

"I must say you have eyes for good things, she's a beauty", he complimented and I passed him a smile .

" Let's go, the driver is waiting for us. You have to stay with me for the night before you go to where it's been booked for your honeymoon", he said.

"Behind you Kyle", I replied while he walked off.

"Aza let's go", I held her hand and we started moving towards the car when someone yelled my name. We both turned to see who it was.

" Kim?", I beamed as I ran to hug her.

"Aidan is this you?", she asked and smiled.

" I've missed you so much Kim look how you are all grown up", I said teasingly and hugged her again.

"Look who's talking, you just ditched me for almost a year now", she smacked my shoulder and we began laughing when someone stomped her feet. It was Aza, crap! I totally forgot she was here. She ran off in tears and anger. Oh my God! what have I done again? I didn't plan our honeymoon to start this way. Jeez!

"Aza!", I called and ran after her.

Who is this new girl that's making our Aza jealous??

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