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If the “Entanglement” Nonsense Was the Other Way Round, We Would Never Hear the End of It (Opinion)

If the tables were turned and it was the other way around…

“How could Will Smith do this to Jada, his lovely wife? How?”

If it was the other way around…

“Oh, so he’s been doing this to his wife, and he still has the effrontery to come out and call it an entanglement! What disrespect!”

If it just was the other way around…

“This guy was my favorite actor way back then, but as this story of him came out now, I don’t even know how to look at him again…”

“They’ve been together for 23 years! And he threw that away all in the name of some flimsy excuse for an affair he calls ‘entanglement’…”

…we would never hear the end of it.

And these are but a few of what we’d still be seeing all over the news feeds and online discussions; if it were just the other way around.

If the tables were turned.

Recent stories in the news surfaced of Jada Pinkett Smith, actor Will Smith’s wife of 23 years, having an affair with singer and rapper, August Alsina, which started more than four years ago, when, according to her, her family was trying to help him because he was “really sick”.

She revealed that “it all started with him just needing some help” with her “wanting to help his health, his mental state”.

At the time, August Alsina would have been 22 or 23, with Jada being around 44.

“He was really sick”.

Okay, how sick are we talking about here?

Let’s imagine that it was Will discussing the story of trying to help out a “really sick” 22-year-old lady, with her just needing some help and all…wait, would he even be allowed to tell a story in the first place, if the tables were turned?

I’m not trying to downplay the possibility that August Alsina may have been “really sick” and in need of help, but I’m guessing that if your being sick, and a subsequent need for help, somehow becomes the driving force behind a relationship with a married woman, that eventually develops into an affair which is now trivialized as an “entanglement”…

…won’t the sickness become worse?

I mean, for Jada, she should have, in fairness to her husband, tried to lessen the emotional impact of the affair by not bringing it all down to some act of an “entanglement”.

Because, if this story was the other way around, with a story of Will Smith making the rounds on social media about him getting into an “entanglement” with some previously unknown female, we would still see all manner of negatives being poured on him right up till now.

All the usual labels from ladies rising up in support of Jada – “he’s a cheater, womanizer, heart-breaker....”

If the tables were turned and it were Will, we wouldn’t hear the end of it.

But now that it’s Jada? Now she’s being hailed as a player of some sort; the “entanglement” nonsense is now the subject of memes, quips, jokes and Photo-shopped images all over the pages of social media.

And, if it means anything, Mr. Alsina could have remained silent on the entire matter, instead of fanning the flames of an already probably tense situation between the Smiths by reportedly stating his love for Jada-Pinkett Smith.

Right in Will’s face.

I wonder how it would seem to Jada if the “entanglement” were the other way around and she was now faced with the other woman coming out to say she loved Will Smith.

I just wonder.

The whole sordid story of an affair, a breaking of marital vows, an act of disrespect for the other person in the relationship…reduced to a story of getting into an “entanglement” that’s now told for laughs, and made jokes with, in the digital spaces.

And we’re not yet even taking into account the emotions Will would have to process concerning the whole situation.

He may have tried to act calm and give off a cool demeanor through the event, but the internal pain and discomfort would most definitely be spoken volumes of by his facial expressions.

If the tables were turned and it was the other way around, with Will Smith in the aftermath of an “entanglement”, the general societal response would have been very dissimilar compared to the reactions we have, now that it’s Jada.

The affair is so trivialized that it’s not even referred to as an affair in the true sense of the word; in most spaces across social media, it’s referred to as simply an “entanglement”.

It’s that bad.

It’s a sad case of one of many double standards that pervade our society today, with ladies now having so much power in the dating and relational worlds that the society now fails to cut men as much slack as ladies are cut, especially when issues like this arise.

But unfortunately, that’s a rather sad aspect of the society today.

But again, if the tables were turned, if the genders involved in the situation were reversed…

…we would never hear the end of it.

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