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See the new trend on twitter taking over

Twitter is a fun place where different kind of things trend every single day. And the ones that are way more interesting last more than a day.

Alot of trends started from twitter. To name a few there is the #dontrushchallenge #bopdaddychallenge #thematter and most recently #dontleavemechallenge

We can say it's because twitter is a platform you can post your creation and challenge everyone into remaking it.

A new challenge has started again which goes with the HASHTAG #unadeymad.

You tweet something and compare it to some other circumstance then end it with the hashtag una dey mad.

Below are a few screenshots;

This tweep joked about how Zlatan is going to turn this una dey mad trend into a song.

Funny enough he replied using the una dey mad too, he found it funny.

What do you think about this trend?

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