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After Nigerian Guy Revealed That He Had Been Dating Cuppy For 4 Months, Look At Otedola's Reaction

Hello guys, welcome to my channel. This morning's gist is about DJ Cuppy's father, Femi Otedola and his reaction after a certain Nigerian guy called Tobe, revealed that he had been dating his daughter, DJ Cuppy for four (4) months now and she doesn't know about it.

Femi Otedola and His Daughter, DJ Cuppy

Tobe is a Nigerian drama boy and perfect toaster whose job is to search for beautiful and attractive young ladies on Instagram and then start toasting them till they melt for him. That is awkward right? Well, maybe it is. He had been doing this for some months now and it seems like many people are beginning to like his kind of drama. How does he came about this? Well, once he sees any fine girl on Instagram, he will initiate a video chat and record it live on his Instagram page for his fans to see.


This may not sound as simple as it is, because some of these ladies do give him tough time before they even pick up his video call. He had done this to many foreign girls and they sometimes fell for him. He is very skillful in using sweet words to brainwash these ladies. A few hours ago, Tobe decided to try his luck on the billionaire's daughter, DJ Cuppy. In his usual manner, he went to his Instagram account and luckily, he met Cuppy online, he immediately initiated a live video call. Although it occurred that Cuppy was a bit reluctant to pick the call, but she eventually clicked on the green button.This was where Tobe made one of his greatest achievements. He started by telling Cuppy that he loves her so much and that he had been in a relationship with her for four months, although she wasn't aware of it. How on earth can someone be in a relationship with someone without the other person knowing about it? Cuppy was surprised when she heard that and she was speechless.However, Tobe maintained a serious face and asked the billionaire's daughter for the key to her Ferrari car, so that he can use it to go pick his friend. Cuppy was just laughing all through. After the video call ended, Cuppy immediately posted the video on her Instagram page and said that it's the strangest live video call she has ever had. However, her father, Femi Otedola reacted to the video as he was seen clicking on his like button.We know the dad will be laughing uncontrollably at home after he saw everything the boy told his daughter. You won't believe that Tobe told Cuppy to be paying him relationship allowance for breaking up with him. Everything seems strange to Cuppy but however, she was able to flow along with the guy. Tobe is an Instagram celebrity and has gotten over two hundred thousand (200,000) followers. He likes going in simple dresses and whatever he does, he always makes sure that he puts in his best.Now that he has successfully toasted the billionaire's daughter, DJ Cuppy on Instagram, let's see who else will be his next catch. However, many people have started saying that Tobe is looking for trouble as he approaches a rich man's kid. They said that the father has the power to lock him up in jail for as long as possible.

However, Femi Otedola is a very good and peaceful man, he is someone who understands things a lots. He knew that the boy was just catching cruise with his daughter, so he reacted by liking the video.

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