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Meet the Winner of Ultimate Love Season 1...ROKSIE

Primary school teacher Rosie and entrepreneur Kachi have emerged as winners of the first season of Ultimate Love, a first-of-its-kind reality TV show created by MultiChoice involving single male and female strangers living together in Aunty’s Love Pad.From warming up to each other to becoming settled in their union, Roksie have given the audience plenty of ooh and aah moments in their journey as Love Guests. Ultimate Love fans know that there are a lot of highlights to pick from in the seven weeks that they have been in Aunty’s Love Pad but, we are going to settle for the below:

“David, I picked your name three times! ” Rosie

It seemed as though Rosie was going to Couple Up with David Wilson after they initially cosied up to each other in the first few weeks of Ultimate Love. Kai! The guy even smothered her with a kiss in what seemed like a sign that they were going to do this thing together.

It wasn’t until it was time to choose a partner that David Wilson picked late comer Presh Talker while Rosie picked him and Kachi – who had been eyeing Rosie from the beginning - picked her. A visibly upset Rosie tried to keep it together but she later came down on David Wilson, accusing him of playing with her heart and humiliating her on national television. Kachi stood right by her side the whole time.

Congratulations to them.

Source: Ultimate Love

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