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Do you know Nicolo paganini:The musician who made a pact with the devil.

Nicolo Paganini.

He is another famous musician who was accused of bargaining with the devil for musical greatness.He was a violist,violinist and a composer.He began preforming publicly at the age of 12.

Several of his compositions were do demanding that he was the only alive one who could play it well.

As he became famous with his talents, so did a rumor that his abilities were of an unholy act spread.Many said they saw Satan on stage assisting him while he was preforming.Such claims spread in such that he was not given a final rite and proper burial upon his death.It took 36 years before he was finally laid to rest.

The moral lesson tells everyone Reading this story not to envy any one in life,you never know how the person got his greatness, so just be contented with what you have and always live by the rule of God. As the popular saying goes,what shall it profit a man to gain the whole earth and loose his soul at the end.

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