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Meet the most shortest person in Nigeria

We are all told from the record and research that the shortest man in the world is from Nepal whose height was less than 55 centimeters.

Our country Nigeria also has own record of the shortest person.

His name his Chinedu Mitchel. A student of 200 level at Abia State university (ABSU) studying Mass Communication.

He is from Ngo Opkala in Imo State. Igbo by tribe.

Base on my research, he anchor a weekly radio show at the Campus.

I know his short stature will amaze people but I want people to know that "stature does not affect the student’s career and desires. Hosting programs on the radio is a wonderful step towards personal and professional development. Being a focused and interesting person, you can always reach heights in mass communications, so we are sure that Chinedu will have an exciting life after graduation".

Stature also has nothing someon gift or talent. Despite the short stature of Chinedu, could not stop him to display his gift and talent. Now he is a famous person in Abia State University (ABSU).


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