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7 Nigerian celebrities who wined and dined with Hushpuppi (photos)

7 famous Nigerians who won and ate with Hushpuppi (photos)

Nigerian social media has been in the spotlight since the beginning of the twelve months of 2020, as there were so many problems provoking people to joke. Another topic that seems to be on the lips of many Nigerians is the fate of a mass boy on social media, Ramon Igbalod Abbas, Alasia Ray Hushpuppi.

Hushpupi was recently arrested in June 2020 by the FBI ոստիկանության Dubai Police along with some of his staff. The young man, who is known for his extravagant lifestyle on social networks, was caught, and the second was captured in a video, which has since become a virus. Because a video of the alleged mass boy appeared on the Internet, many people shared it. While many individuals condemned his alleged imprisonment for allegedly deceiving up to 2 million people, fearing the pressure of N168 billion, others gave the impression that he was very upset. which did not have the low key of social relations. The media reports that their number is suspicious.

Since the arrest of Hushpuppi, some Nigerian celebrities have been targeted on social media to show their solidarity. some hug Bobriski և actress Sotayo Gaga. Various celebrities, however, both rescued their mother or exchanged her for a second training. We are currently investigating seven Nigerian celebrities who were killed along with Hushpupi.


Nigeria's top music star David "Davido" Adeleke does not leave anyone unsure whether he is a rich guy, it is not surprising that he happens to individuals who seem to have cash. David եին They had a good expression for Hushpup,, the boy appeared on social media even during David's wedding in Dubai to David's brother's Adeville Adeleke.

Lasis Elenu.

On social media, Nigerian comedian և ski maker Lasis Elenu could also be one of the celebrities who had the good fortune of Hushpupi. The man with the humor was also accepted to talk about Memory.

It seems to be freezing.

Nigerian media critic's father Fries may be a revelation who eats muscle with Hushpupi. Recently, a video was spread on social media when Father Fraz and his fiancé were walking around Hushpuppi's Dubai residence. When they went to eat quietly, Hush realized that he had said "Freeze" that his domestic worker earned N250,000 a month, while his manager charged N700,000. Fries said those who walk on Hush on social media should allow their father to come and work as a manager.


Nigeria's best singer Vizkid also cheated on Hushpuppi earlier. The duo was discovered during a tour in Dubai.

Dino Melaye

Nigerian politician Dino Melaya was also one of the good people in Hushpupi. Hushpuppi was relevant during the politician's Dubai 2019 celebration. However, after Hushpuppi's arrest, the politician took to social media to reveal his association with an alleged fraudster.


Another Nigerian boy, Momfa, also fell on Huspupi before they fell. They both thought they were great companions, but they got caught up in the problem.: Fans think these are arguments about who is richer. Momfa recently had a similar fate with Hush after it was adopted by the EFCC for points to consider fraud.

Atiku Abubakar.

Hushpupi was soon introduced to Nigerian politician and former presidential candidate Atiku Abu Bakr. The alleged convict will even show his help through the presidential election.

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