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15 Funny Pictures Of People's Tombstone

A part of the people will always stay with us, even when they are no longer there: we will remember their teachings , their laughter, the moments spent together and, above all, their words. 

The cemetery is often a sad place: those who go to visit their loved ones do so with nostalgia and melancholy. Some people, however, decided to leave a different memory and, on the tombstone, decided to have something engraved that reflected their character and humor. 

The classic epitaphs with quotes and sad memories are sidelined here: 15 people wanted their loved ones to leave with a smile and this thanks to a funny epitaph, showing us how much humor is immortal.

1. This person says they know something that you don't know.

A person was going to his grandmother's grave and found this gravestone nearby.

2. There is certainly no lack of irony.

3. It's dark down there.

The humor of the man who built this tombstone is truly immortal.

4. Mom's cookie recipe.

Perhaps the woman has always hidden it? It was time to reveal the secret.

5. He had said he was sick, but maybe no one gave much weight to his words.

And now he takes the opportunity to joke a bit.

6. Someone says they finally found a place to park in Georgetown.

7. He says he arrived here without being consulted and had to leave without his permission.

8. She knew she was meant to be a woman with too many cats.

9. Do not disturb: someone is sleeping!

10. Kim answered the call.

11. This person raised 4 beautiful girls with only one bathroom ...

and there was love all the same!

12. The recipe for a dessert that was to be particularly appreciated.

13. Forgive John if he does not resurrect.

14. A reprimand or a warning?

15. This person hoped to have a pyramid all to himself.

Life is made up of sad times, and one of the darkest times that each of us is called to face is the one caused by the loss of a loved one. We are often told that they don't want us to be sad thinking of them, and that we should be strong enough to think about all the beautiful things these people have left us. A recipe, a reproach, a joke, a wish: these 15 people decided to leave a memory in this way, for their irony and their ever-young spirit. And how can you not smile at a few funny words?

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