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True Story of a Broke Boy and Rich Girl that will inspire you

The Poor boy and the Rich Girl

Part 1.

I have dated at least up to four different wealthy and influential ladies

And I will be sharing just some of the stories and experience from them

This is Part one..Enjoy

I based in Lagos state, Maryland was the location I lived in Lagos, I was employed in a catering company at Ikoyi, but my job was a kinda different from a normal catering job, because we only serve the NNPC_NAPIMS workers.

I usually dress well with full swag to serve food to these people, it was fun for me because of Friend's there.

I also has a friend who happened to be a auditor there (female) her name is Cynthia, cynthia was extremly gorgeous and beautiful but she is a bit older than I.

She is wealthy and she rides a range Rover, she's cool.

On a faithful day I went to serve them food as usual, I was so broke, I don't even have transport to go back home I have to trek from ikoyi to Maryland.

The next dday I had to borrow money from my younger sister in other to transport to my work, after closing hours I was just thinking on how to go back home, As I went back to pack up the used plates used by our bosses, I met Cynthia the wealthy lady there,surprisingly she told me to pass her her bag , and she just gave me two pieces of 100$ note not Naira.

I thank her so much, because of her beauty my manhood just start jerking at that moment.

Immediately I went out to change $100 to naira which is equivalent to #38,000 and I hold my remaining $100 note inside my pocket so I can boost to area boys with it when I got home.

 So I went straight to Obalende park which almost all the Bus conductors knows me because we always got into fights, arguments due to my payment of incomplete money 

I stepped into the bus and put on my headphones in it's loudest volume , listening to I'm so paid by Akon ft lil wayne as usual the conductor started shouting (owo da) where is your money but Because I saw some beautiful ladies at my back inside the bus, I start to speak furnished English and immediately I brought out the dollar note saying that I don't have change, the conductor was so shock that me of all people will ever hold a dollar in my life.

To cut it short I went home

And I made my biggest mistake that day .

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