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Remember "KARISHIKA MOVIE", See Photos Of The Main Actress And Her Child

Remember "KARISHIKA MOVIE", See Photos Of The Main Actress And Her Child

"Karishika" "Karishika karishika! Queen of Darkness, Lucifer Lucifer King of Demons?" Can you still remember?

Karishika was a mind-blowing movie and it was so relevant that Falz and Phyno sang a song about the movie recently. The 1996 film was a bloody and horror film in which Karishika was sent to the world by her lord, Lucifer to be killing people and damage people's live. The objective was ultimately to build the number of population among people in hell fire.

The artists that took part in the movie are; Becky Ngozi Okorie, Andy Chukwu, Bob-Manuel Udokwu, Obi Madubogwu, Sandra Achums, Ifeanyi Ikpoenyi, Steve Eboh, Sonny McDon, Adaora and Ukoh Amaechi Muonagor but Karishika herself was Becky.

Karishika essentially gained souls for the devil, engaging people to work for the kingdom of darkness. She was busy misleading and attracting people to their deaths and not just that, hellfire.

Many hoped for something else from her in the movie industry, but she moved to another country to further on her education, despite the fact that there were many insinuations of her whereabout and existence generally, for the most part she is doing well.

Becky is really an extremely big babe now, she is in the United States of America with her man and child.

Her work was very different and her role was a spiritual one that enlightened some people and made some people cautious of their lifestyle, it also enabled people to realize that all that glitters is not gold.

Shortly, some men who loved many women were extremely cautious and constantly looked again before going into any relationship with any lady, it was undoubtedly a revelation and indeed an eye opener.

Can you still remember her?

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