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Throwback pictures of the interior of P-square's mansions. Checkout their fleet of cars too

If anyone tells you that money is not good. Don't bother about cursing him or her. Just make him kneel down before you and you pray out the spirit of poverty in his life.


Peter and Paul. They be one no be two. Like they said in their hit song in the early 2000s, "We are one no be two". I totally agree with them. In this content, anywhere you see Paul read as Peter. Hope we are cleared on this?

Peter and Paul are identical twin brothers. They are among the top richest musicians in Africa. They reinvented not just hip-hop music in the entire music industry dated back 2003. We are not going to talk about their separation which happened not too long rather we will dwell on the sweet happenings. 

During those hit days till now, you see them dressed in designers clothes and shoes, drive the most expensive cars while living in a posh houses. P-Square is without a doubt the wealthiest musicians in Nigeria.

Lately the duo and his brother, Jude have been sharing pictures of their beautiful mansions in their Instagram pages.


Their mansion is located at Banana Island Lekki. Everyone knows that Lagos Island is a home for so many rich celebrities. The way they built houses there you have to be insanely rich to even rent or buy an apartment there. So this is where they live. 

Reports say the brothers, Peter, Paul and Jude and their wives and children live in 3 different compounds, and they all share similar designs- The state of the art TV, the extremely large and fanciful kitchen, the expanse living room, the decor etc.

NowNo wonder why one of the twins said that they don't go to cinema rather they should bring the movie to his house. 


Check out their fleet of cars. Their love for high and exotic cars no be here

ReoReports also had it that they have a private jet and there’s no doubt that these singers are swimming in a pool of money.

We hope this article helps you to learn more about an important part of the defunct duo, P-square. 

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