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Fiction story: Love is painful

There was a couple who were made for each other. They never left each other and had unconditional love for each other. The girl was beautiful and smart and loved the boy dearly. The boy was athletic and handsome, and he loved the girl. One windy day the girl went to the doctors to get her monthly checkup. The doctor told her that she had a brain tumor and was going to die in 2 days. This made the girl cry, for her boyfriend would have a great amount of sorrow. After school, the boy and the girl were walking.

Girl: What would you do if I had only three days to live.

Boy: I would be depressed for the rest of my life and never love again. I would probably kill myself. The girl grew very sad and knew that the boy was going to hurt himself if she died. So, when she went to his house on Valentines Day she told him, "I have directions to a game for Valentines Day. Count to ten with your eyes closed and then open your eyes and read the note. So the boy counted to ten and the girl took her stuff and ran home. The boy opened his eyes and read the note. it said:

My Dearest Love, if you are reading this it means that I am probably at my house by now, so don't come looking for me. I am going to get dressed and put something nice on for you. I will not be going to school for two days. After school, on the second day at 8:00 pm, meet me at the cemetery and don't bring anyone with you. I'll see you soon and I will leave a note for you so you can go to the next round of the game. The boy listened and did not go to see the girl for two days. while the boy was at the school, the girl put on a short, white dress with a satin black bow that was tied around the dress. She wore a crown of white roses on her head and a bracelet that the boy had given her. Then she walked to the cemetery leaving a trail of red roses behind and a note. After school, the boy ran to the cemetery following the trail with a smile on his face, but soon that smile had turned into a serious face. Laying on the freshly cut green grass was the girl with the bracelet he had given her and a note along with a red rose. He picked up the note. It said:

My One and Only True Love, if you are reading this I am up in heaven watching you. I never told you but I had a brain tumor and the doctor said I was going to die. Don't kill yourself. That would break my heart to see you suffer. Don't make the wrong choice. I left a box. Check it and don't cry over me. We had a great life together, but now you must move one. I Love You.

The boy read the note and a single tear rolled down his cheek. He did what the girl said and opened the box. Inside the box was a picture album with a cover page with flowers and the sun. The boy read the cover and it said"FOREVER AND ALWAYS". The boy opened the photo album. It had pictures of them and the boy looked at them crying with tears. He smiled and laughed and thought that he had a wonderful life with the girl. He wanted to continue that. The boy saw a gun on the floor and there was a note that said "If you really love me you won't kill yourself. If you do, it proves that you do not love me." The boy laid next to the girl and put the gun to his head. As he was about to pull the trigger he said "Forever and Always Babe." and with that he pulled the trigger.

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