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Picture Jokes: Top 15 Hilarious Jokes You'll Probably Enjoy Reading

After a long and tiring day at work, what we most extensively need is relaxation and means to blow off the steam gathered during the day.

This evening, I bring to you all jokes that will probably make you smile and enjoy the rest of your pleasant evening after a long day at work.

1) when you're confused with whether to go front or stay back, lol

2) when you try to get back at a doctor for having a bad handwriting

3) smart man, trying to eat his cake and still have it back. I pity his girlfriend

4) Lol, when you and your friend gets so high and try to justify your reason for drinking

5) this particular one is funny and sad at the same time. And it's somehow happening in our society today

6) lol, this man is really tricky

7) the funny but sad reality of life, those we love don't love, and we don't love those that Iove us

8)lol, I've heard people complain of this. Do you think people should be real on social media?

9) Ladies get in here, is this true or false?

10) but it is true. Falling in love with the wrong person is suicidal to an extent

12) when your boyfriend is cunning. But say the truth, of you, were the guy what would you do?

13) lols, birds of a feather truly flocks alike ( Say No To Drugs)

14) lol, this man is not yet ready to marry!

15)lol, smart thief. Is he right or wrong?

I hope you found them comical and had some good laugh.

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