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8 Most Paused Movie Scenes Ever

8 Most Paused Movie Scenes Ever

How many of us are movie buffs out there? You know there are people who live to watch movies and No, we aren't exaggerating. Its good to relax by submerging in a different world! Now a lot of times while watching movies, you come across scenes that you either love or don't understand. And so, you pause them and replay them. Here we have a collection of such scenes! You decide why they were paused so many times though!

Basic Instincts

Let's start with the most iconic scenes of all! The scene where the character of Sharon Stone was interrogated made a history because of...well, you know why! Of course, it is one of the most paused scenes ever.

Three Men And a Baby

The film was a huge hit back when it released. In one scene people felt a guy was watching over the characters from a distance. Some even took it to be a ghost but it turned out to be a cardboard cutout of Ted Tanson. It was paused a lot!


No this movie also had a scene that was paused a lot! When a skull suddenly appears on Norman Bates face for a second? Yes, that one!

Wolf Of Wall Street

The beauty that she is, Margot Robbie is responsible for a lot of paused scenes in cinema. A particular one where she parts her legs in front of Leonardo DiCaprio in Wolf of Wall Street will go down as one of the most paused scenes ever!

Total Recall

How many of us recall Total Recall? One of the most iconic scenes of 90s was when Lycia reveals her three brea$ts to Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was paused a lot of times!

Wild Things

This movie is strictly not for kids! Also, the pool kiss between Neve Campbell and Denise Richards was bound to be paused millions of times all around the world.

Burn After Reading

Remember the scene where Brad Pitt hid in the closet? Super paused because of how suddenly it appeared!

She's The Man

Amanda Bynes in the movie lifts up her t-shirt to the boys to prove she is a girl. Nope, nothing is shown but yet, the scene is arguably the most paused scene!

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