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See some of the funniest replies on twitter

The moment twitter is mentioned, we all know we are ready to indulge into a fit of laughter.

Twitter is one of the social media platform you'll find most of the savages there is, if not all.

Everybody can get dragged on twitter. Be it you're a celebrity, a politician or a rich person. When you log into twitter and do something that calls for dragging and name calling, you're in for it.

You can get relived from stress by just scrolling through twitter. Because of the funny tweets or replies you're going to be seeing.

There is a thing called "gbas gbos" which is a Nigerian slang. It basically means someone replying to other person's original tweet with a savage comment, or pointing out something the person said.

Here are some of those gbas gbos from twitter.

Not even glo is out;

Like and comment which one is the funniest?

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