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BBNaija: How I Found Out My Husband Was Cheating on Me -Tega

Tega Dominica, a Big Brother Naija Shine Ya Eye contestant, has confirmed that her husband has repeatedly brought a certain girl to their matrimonial home.

After her BBNaija episode with a fellow housemate, Boma, the 29-year-old make-up artist spoke with the host and co-founder of Joy Inc., Chude Jideonwo, about her troubled marriage and life.

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In an interview with Jideonwo, she said that she discovered her husband was spiritually cheating before speaking with other neighbors, who corroborated her allegations.

"Well, I found out that he cheated and went home with someone else. Spiritually, I am a deep person. I found out because I was in class one day and felt like I was in a trance. I noticed him driving with a chick in front of him.

And I'm like, 'What the hell is this?' 'What the hell is going on?' I think I saw it twice. So I dialed my sister's number and inquired as to what was going on, but she denied it. 'OK, no problem,' I said. I have a lot of in common with the folks on my neighborhood. So I contacted one of them and did some FBI work as well. 'Okay, he's always bringing this chick to the house,' he said afterwards.

Her gut hunch took over her, and it turned out to be correct, according to the mother-of-one. She went on to describe how she confronted her spouse following the revelation.

‘‘My sister was at home, my child was at home, your brother was at home, and you brought this female to the house," she said she challenged her husband. For me, that was the pinnacle of disdain. It wasn't like I wasn't aware of his activities outside. But, in the end, bringing this girl home was all that mattered to me. Then we discussed it, and he became really defensive. 'You went to Lagos to be with a man, that's why I did all of this,' he added, breaking my heart.

Tega said she decided to attend BBNaija after learning about the discovery, despite her mother's warnings.

'When Big Brother arrived, I thought to myself, 'OK, this is going to fly.' "Then my mother told me I shouldn't do it," she explained, "but I talked to him and told him this is what I wanted to do."

I'm sorry.

She dispelled rumors that she had sex with Boma in the house during the interview and apologized for the umpteenth time.

“I'm apologizing to Nigerians right now. You can't throw me away because I'm a Nigerian. Sorry for the inconvenience. I won't say my activities in the house were inadvertent; I was simply going with the flow. I didn't have sex with Boma, of course. We didn't have any sexual activity.

Kissing as a married lady was a mistake, and I apologize. “I need all the love and support I can get to make my aspirations a reality,” she explained.

While Tega was on the BBNaija show, her husband admitted to cheating on his wife in a now-deleted tweet, claiming that the actor had broken their marriage.

The housemates and fans were taken aback by Tega and Boma's purported love connection.

Nigerians have continued to respond to their antics while in the Big Brother House.

Along with Michael and Peace, both housemates were evicted in the first quadruple BBNaija eviction event.

On multiple instances, Tega was caught on video in compromising postures and under the sheet with Boma.

She defended herself by claiming that she and Boma were simply following a script to entertain viewers.

Tega revealed her post-BBNaija ambitions, saying she has her sights set on Nollywood and intends to pursue a career in acting.

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