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2 Magic Steps If You Want Her To Reply Your Messages Fast.

You have finally found the woman of your dreams online but getting her to notice /reply you seem impossible.

In the western world all you have to do is send a sweet message to her inbox confessing your love for her and before you know it she's head over heels for you, This method however does not always work for African women most especially our beautiful Nigerian ladies ,thier common slang is "who love epp" which simply mean that your love for her is meaniless, So how do u get her attention? ,Follow these magic steps, It works 97% of the time

(1) Profile picture with an Amazing background

The moment you send a request or message to an African lady the first thing she checks is your profile picture,now she' doesn't care if you' look like Lee min ho or RmD (although that can be a bonus because women loves both of them ) what she is actually looking out for is the background,whether it looks rich or not ,this background will determine if she will reply you ,All African ladies do not want a loser as a companion, Please understand that I'm not encouraging fake life but go to beautiful places and take a nice selfie/Picture ,edit it properly then put it on your Display picture

(2) Offer her a gift

I know you are surprised or probably shock by this second step but I'll explain .

Women are lovers of gift whether the gift is small or big,, Imagine a lady with 4,235 friends on Facebook,trust me 98% of that list are men like you and they are all trying to get her attention too.The only way she will ignore hundreds of messages for you is if she thinks there will be profit from it .

After Introducing yourself briefly, ask if u can buy her time .e.g I know you're busy but if you don't mind,I'd like to subscribe your data for this month".

Trust me she will reply with Thank you or I'm not interested if she's rude ,but it's not the reply that matters but her attention..You have successfully found your way into her head whether she likes it or.not..

If she Concord to your offer then you have found your way but if she rejects the offer which is what she Will Probably do (trying to act like she's not cheap) all you have to do is apologise and she will forgive you,By this time her attention will be on you fully, but trust me she will still ask for that data you offered.

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