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Fiction: I Entered My Daughter's Room Without Knocking, See What I Caught Her Doing With A Cucumber

My daughter's is Alice .She is 16years old .She looked exactly like me , she was dark , short and very beautiful ,she was in SSS2( senior secondary school 2) and she wanted to study Microbiology in the University just like me.The only thing we didn't have in common was the same behavior.Unlike me , she wasn't calm and quiet.She was outspoken and wouldn't stop talking if the need arises. She was the only daughter i had with my late wife .We also had a son that I called Junior.His real name was Joseph ,but I preferred calling him junior, because he was my son.He was 14years old.He had similar behavior with me like he liked being quiet and enjoyed his space alot.After my wife died, I decided to take care of my children and make sure they are all grown up before I even decide of taking a new wife.And I did that , I made sure my children had everything that i could offer.I wasn't exceptionally rich , but I provided for their needs.

Recently my outspoken daughter,Alice was becoming too private,when I say private ,i mean she always liked staying in her room these days. It was a very strange thing to me, because my daughter didn't like minding her business.She always talked alot, and she also liked playing alot,i must say that I enjoyed it .And i also noticed that she loved cucumber .I was surprised because I have never eaten cucumber before and I am sure that I have never brought home a cucumber for my children.Whenever we went shopping for food stuffs, before she even buys anything ,she must buy cucumber. Whenever I asked her what she did with the cucumber , she either smiled or she just diverted the question.

One day I was going to the supermarket to get some food items that we would use to cook and my daughter asked my to buy her 2 cucumbers.I didn't know what she did with it ,but I still bought it for.Immediately I came home from the supermarket , she asked for the cucumber and I gave it to her .As I gave her the Cucumber, she hurriedly entered her room and closed the door. But i decided to know what she was doing with the cucumber. So I followed her to room,but she didn't see me .As I opened the door, without knocking and I saw her enjoying the cucumber, with fried groundnut.

As she was eating it, she didn't know someone was in her room and when she saw me ,she was surprised .But she offered me the Combo(Combination) which was very delicious that I asked her for more. But when I asked her why she recently became private ,she told me that she thought that if I saw her eating the Cucumber that I might punish her, that is why she was hiding in her room to eat. Ever since then, whenever I went to the market, I would always buy cucumber and groundnut , infact that was the first thing on my list.

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