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Opinion:Why Maria's massive gifts from her fans might reduce the pressure for the grand prize in BBN

The fans of Big Brother Naija star Maria surprised her with gifts at a meet-and-greet session that occurred recently, but what surprised many was the massive things she was given, including televisions, air conditioners, and even 17 pairs of shoes for being the 17th housemate to leave the Big Brother's house.

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However, the main aim of going into Big Brother's house is to win the grand prize, and here's how these gifts she got, and also those of other housemates, might reduce the pressure on the grand prize for aspirants.

Many people will be aiming to copy her lifestyle in the house:

Despite that she left the house early, the surprising thing is the kind of love she's getting, seems to be the highest any housemate has gotten at a time, and it also marvels many that despite having this kind of fan base, she didn't stay long, but I guess it could have been because of the circumstances that happened the week she left. Notwithstanding, these gifts might reduce the pressure of getting the grand prize as many will now be aiming to copy her lifestyle and to see if they can find exactly what made her loved and still talked about this much.

Recall that the winner, Whitemoney, constantly said that he took years to study other winners of the show in the last and then put those things into practice, which, luckily for him, he won. Other aspirants might consider studying Maria's lifestyle in a bid to copy her, and as such, the usual bad feelings when evicted will be reduced. 

Many will be acting solely for the camera:

In Biggie's house, you're expected to live your natural life, but despite that, it's obvious that some of them are still cautious of the camera in some things they do. This was observed more this year, especially in Angel, who's been caught on several occasions looking at the camera before she reacted to things. 

With the bid to impress by copying another so their imaginary fans as housemates will start loving them, they tend to forget themselves and, as such, might lead to a total dislike for the housemate.

Inasmuch as everyone that enters Biggie's house hopes to win the money or make a name for themselves but with the kind of gifts that these evicted housemates have been getting ever since they left, there might not be much pressure to win the grand prize again as they may be seeking to impress all, even in their most uncomfortable states.

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