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7 romance movies you should watch now in 2020.

Movies are one link to our inner person, and we all have various genres of movies we prefer. Ranging from animations to adventures, sci-fi, Action and romance. Which ever type of movie we prefer watching. It, in one way or the other speaks to our inner man and movies helps to shape our person. I'll be bringing to our notice, 7 movies that came out this year filled with romance and love.

1, The lovebirdsThis movie was released on the 3rd of April this year, it tells the story of a couple who were framed for murder, they have to go on a wild journey , to be able to clear there names With each trying to discover a new approach to relationships.

2, The photograph.It tells the love story of Chante Adams a photographer with secrets of her own. This love story centers on the importance of trust ,in relationships.

3, To all the boys I ever loved.this very movie is one I'll advise people, who are looking to start new relationship or those having relationship problems to watch. It promises to be funfilled and very interesting.

4, The high's jam-packed with loads of excitement, keeping you wanting more. This movie is filled with love and music, to spice it up hope you enjoy.

5, Ammonite.Ammonite explains the stor falls in love with y of a real life fossil Hunter, as she falls in love with a young woman, recuperating from an illness in seaside town, 1840's England.

6, The kissing booth out for this movie lovebirds, it promises to be everything you've wanted in a movie.

7, The princess switched again. This very movie is one of Netflix very own, starring Vanessa Hudgens and her doppelganger, a royal duchess. This movie you should watch out for.

There you have it, my list of romance movies for 2020, hope you like it please like, comment and follow.

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