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One Radical Action Tiwa Savage Needs To Take On Her Leaked Adult Video To Set The Record Straight

Nigerian sensational singer, Tiwa Savage is currently swimming in a polluted pond of sex scandal following the release of her intimate video with unknown boyfriend.

A week ago, Tiwa Savage had come out to alert the public about the message she received from someone who already has her video where she was making out with her man.

According to her, the fellow demanded a certain amount of money from her to kill the matter or face the dire consequence of blackmail if she failed to dance along. He threatened to make the video go viral.

The matter became a major topic of discussion both on social and traditional media for the better part of last week. Tiwa who was the centre of attention called the bluff of the blackmailer and told him to do his worst as she would not pay a dime to bury the matter.

A week after, exactly on Monday October 18th, the internet was literally set ablaze with the adult video of the hip-hop star and social media influencer. The blackmailer has finally done his worst as he threatened by making the video go viral.

Critically analysing the content of the video, it could be noticed that Tiwa Savage is the only actor in the video while that of her partner was conspicuously missing.

It could be recalled that Tiwa while making the situation public last week specifically noted that the alleged boyfriend confirmed that he erronously left his Snapchat on while they were making love and the scene was recorded.

By the time he realized it and attempted to delete the video, it had already slipped out of control. The alleged blackmailer had got a hold of it. That however marked the beginning of her problem.

In Tiwa's narratives, there is no anywhere she stated that her boyfriend is making moves to deal with the blackmailer or working silently to make the incident die a natural death before it gets to the public. In other word, the guy has maintained a dead silence over the matter as if he was not part of the drama. 

From Tiwa's story, there are many questions begging for answers. How come it was only Tiwa's image that came up in the video and that of the man was missing? Why has the boyfriend been silent since then and did not make any move to kill the matter as a man? 

At this point, there is no reason for Tiwa Savage to cover up or take a bullet for her unknown boyfriend. The deed has been done and she has been made to pay the heavy consequence of what happened between the two of them which of course she was innocent of.

This is the more reasons Tiwa should take a drastic step at this jucture. The first thing to do is to end the relationship with him, and then get the police to arrest the so called boyfriend. If he is thoroughly drilled by the police, he will surely confess and shed more light on what is hidden and also disclose what actually led to the mistake that made the video go viral.

What happened to Tiwa was stage-managed and well planned to achieve the purpose it is serving right now and this is what she must realize about the entire scenario. 

She should make up her mind that her relationship with the guy is already over and then take a step to deal with the matter through the police arrest and his confession.

Although, this will cost her some emotional trauma and psychological disturbance along the process especially if she has been deeply involved in the relationship. But at this moment, she needs to save her pride, her public image, career and her name.

And this is the only and viable step she can take to save herself from the public embarrassment the sex video has brought on her and also set the record straight in the public.

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