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8 Short Jokes To Make You Smile


You are disturbing God for visa for Russia and UK, yet you can't bath with cold water in this harmattan. Ordinary harmattan ?please shift.


You'll tell someone that you misplaced something, they'll ask you "where did you put it?" If I knew where I put it, will I be asking you?


Nigerians don't measure salt. We just sprinkle into the food until we hear the spirit of our ancestors whisper "Enough my child"


If they say all virgins should come out to collect 5 Million naira. After I have come out to collect mine, who will be next?


The way i'm broke now ehn, I feel like selling all the silent members in this group , Heaven knows I’ll make so much money. 50k per silent member. Who do I sell first ?


Who is a woman? A woman is a person who can apologize, cry, faint and still be lying.


How I wish someone from here will just lodge all our readers in one room for 3days. Let's try to live like big brother naija!


No sound on earth is louder than a cover of pot that dropped when you want to steal meat from the pot.

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