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What I discovered in Ini Edo's appearance recently.

One of the things that come with maturity and age is the ability to live alongside the age. Many people want to remain younger than their ages with their look, but there's a certain level of confidence that comes with respecting one's age through appearance.

It is sad that many people at their forties and even fifties still dress as though they are in their twenties just so they could look younger. There's nothing wrong with looking younger than one's age, but doing that with respect to age is another respect for nature.

Many years ago when Ini Edo was still new in the movie industry, her sense of dressing was such that had so much of her exposing her body due to trends especially in the entertainment industry to suit the audience, but recently, regardless of age, Ini Edo's sense of dressing now depicts virtuosity and calmness.

Recently, Ini Edo dresses to fit her body,no longer for show off or for the sake of publicity. This should teach younger ones in the industry that that which the older one have seen and made changes, should be avoided. Gone are the days when people believed that showing off one's indecency would sell his carer. In the modern world, what is judged is what you have to offer.

This is the reason why people are being picked up from the streets of rural areas to the hall of fame due to what was discovered in them not minding their background. What the world needs now is people who have the human resources for specific tasks, and no longer people who show off the more.

Note: this is in no way suggesting that Ini Edo was indecent before, rather, it is a case of comparison between her old lifestyle and the new lifestyle. On assessing both, it is clearly obvious that her dressing in recent time got better in decency than before.

Image source: all images in the article were sourced from Ini Edo's Instagram handle.

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Ini Edo


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