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I am Ready To Marry Any Man Who Don't Have This (FICTION)

I am Ready To Marry Any Man Who Don't Have This (FICTION)

I am Christy, a 26-year old entrepreneur who run her business in Lagos State. I have been meaning to settle down if the right guy comes but most guys that do come my way, always have what I don't want. 

I have all the money to take care of any man even if it means financing our wedding, but one thing I do not like is someone coming to make life unbearable for me. I am a very gentle Person who don't like quarrels and I don't nag. It always pains my heart to see my fellow ladies having a scattered, battered and chattered home because of one reason or the other. I hate domestic violence so I wouldn't want me and my husband to embark on any.

Since I have been growing up till now, I have observed that most of the problems in marriage are caused by external influence which is mostly from the family of either the groom or the bride. 

I have noticed that some mother-in-laws have been the source of marital problems these days. They know how to influence their son to the core and I don't like that. 

So I have decided that I won't marry any man whose mother is still alive. 

I don't want somebody that will come and be telling my husband to marry another wife in future so if you have a mother and propose to me, it's a "NO".

If you like be poor, I will marry you if only you no longer have a mother. 

Who is ready to marry me?

I will make life sweet for you.

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Christy Lagos State


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