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Why Davido's guard should not be blamed for pushing a staff that wanted to take photo with Davido

Being a celebrity entails many things, which include different opinions from people about your lifestyle. What others may see and do normally may be given a different narrative when either you or someone close to you does it.

Recently, attention was drawn towards popular singer Davido in a viral video whereby his bodyguard pushed an airport staff member away, as Davido was about to enter his private jet to make it easier for him to do so.

See the video link below.

Due to the kind of person he is, many people come to the opinion that he shouldn't have allowed such to happen, especially as the man didn't do much harm. While some others try to blame both him and his bodyguard for such an act, but here's a reason why you shouldn't blame the bodyguard.

He's only doing his job:

As a celebrity, many people will always be clamouring to touch you or take photos with you, of which you may not really know the genuineness of their intentions. This gave rise to some of them, including Davido, moving around with a bodyguard to protect them from some of such things and also make their tour easier.

Davido's bodyguard apparently did the job he was asked to do, for if he didn't do so, it could have given way for others to try doing the same thing, and one can't say exactly how tired or fast Davido could have been at that moment.

Before one draws a conclusion about an act, he should first put himself in the other person's shoes and see what he would have done at such a moment.

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