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Zee world: This is what a lot of fans missed on Mehek and Shaurya's wedding day.

One of the greatest scenes in Mehek is the wedding between Mehek and Shaurya since that's what many people were craving for.

But the most amusing thing is how some fans missed some part of the show. That's the main reason we choose to emphasize more of that part. 

This is A-Z of how the wedding took place: A lot of tragic events happened before the wedding day, and that triggered Shaurya to placed some security to guard Mehek.

That's where he met the chief security who knew some tragic event that happened 12 years ago. Shaurya as a child, was the cause of an accident that caused the death of Mehek's parents.  

Shaurya was horrified to hear this. He tries to come clean to Mehek but the ceremony advanced, and they are married. 

Miserably, somehow, Mehek finds out the truth and assured herself that Shaurya betrayed her. She is irritated but feigns to be happily married for the sake of her family. 

The Sharma's came to know, and decides to unveil the case and Karuna is arrested.

Lastly, all misunderstandings between the two families were settled. 

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