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Remember The Actor Hanks Anuku, See How He Looks Now

Remember those old Nollywood action movies we used to watch as kids, Hanks Anuku was always there, ever ready to fight or shoot someone. If you want someone to rob a bank or rob a house, you want someone for an undercover job in a movie, Hanks is your guy.

Anytime we see his name among the cast of a movie, we would automatically know that movie would be hot and baddass. Times have changed now, people now watch cable, Hanks doesn't act as much as before anymore. There were even some rumors about him being dead, but that was a lie because he made a video debunking such rumours.

Hanks Anuku is a Nigerian/Ghanaian actor, he was born on 27 August 1960, in Ibadan. He is know to act as the villain or bad guy in alot of Nollywood movies, he hardly acts as a good guy in any of his movies. Some of his movies includes: Broad Daylight, The Captor, Fools on the Run, Desperate Ambition, Bitter Honey, Wanted Alive, Men on Hard Way and many more.

See his recent pictures below

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