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“I fell and passed out”- veteran actress Ngozi Nwosu narrates how she got a health scare in 2019.

She is not someone to be introduced, she has been in our faces for over 30 years.

In movies like ‘Fuji house of commotion’, ‘living in bondage’ and ‘ripples’. Ngozi manages to switch characters in the most interesting ways.

She was born on August 1, 1963 and is a native of Abia state.

Ngozi Nwosu has a major health problem in 2012. She was diagnosed with kidney failure and needed million of naira to be treated.

Photos credit: Sdk blog

She called on Nigerians and the government to help her and they did. She got donations from well meaning Nigerians, and monetary support from the Lagos state government.

She traveled to the UK where she had a kidney transplant and got better.

People thought her career had ended because it was placed on hold for too long.

Surprisingly, she came back like she never left, although there was a change in her physical appearance, but when you take a look at her now, you would never know she suffered a major health scare some years back.

Ngozi sat for an interview with Nigerian journalist Chude Jidenowo and she narrated how just last year, she suddenly fell and thought the end had come.

With tears in her eyes, she said she was in her room, she got up to get water to drink and she fell and passed out. When she regained consciousness, one of her legs was lifeless and there was no help in sight.

Her words, “I was in my room, I got up to get water from the fridge and that was it, I fell, I blanked out and when I regained consciousness... I thought it was just one of those things, I wanted to get up but I couldn’t.

There I was looking at my phone, I couldn’t call for help, the gen was on, nobody heard me and I was like oh! Is this the end of the road? I only fell but I couldn’t move one of my legs. I cried and I went back to God. I said, God if truly I serve you, this will not be the end of the road.

Photos credit: Ngozi Nwosu’s Instagram page.

Ngozi said she had to beg God for grace, strength came and she managed to crawl, got to the door, called for help and passed out again.

Her words, “I said God just give me the grace, I need to get up and open the door. I was on the floor looking at myself, helpless. So after a while, strength came from nowhere and I was able to crawl with my buttocks. I got to the door but I couldn’t stand so I saw my earpiece and I remembered when people have accident, they tie the place so I took the earpiece and tied my leg.”

The leg was red, hot and lifeless. I stretched with my other side and it was painful but I was able to hold the door knob and I was panting for about 15 to 30 minutes. I opened the door and I screamed, help came and I passed out.

Interview credit: Chude Jidenowo

May God continually grant Ngozi Ezeonu good health.

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