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Here Are Five Messages About Love Gathered From Mr P's 'Paloma' Music Video

I believe you must have seen the video of Mr P featuring Singah on the track Paloma? Which also featured Nollywood actor Kunle Remi and award-winning designer Tolu Bally. The music video which showcased how a hustling man was able to slowly win the heart of a successful business executive girlfriend, who wouldn't pay attention to the tiny details of his girlfriend's need led to Mr P having his way to the girl's heart, the message of love hidden in the music video includes:

Money isn't Everything: The video saw Kunle Remi playing the role of a rich boss, who can take his girl places, but failed to realize that money isn't everything, as his girl needs his dedication, attention, care, and love above anything else which he doesn't seem to be aware of, as he is all about his business and making money which he demonstrated by talking on his phone instead of even helping her get the door or hold her hand in an outing.

Pay attention to details: Mr P demonstrated that you have to pay attention to details like realizing when a woman needs help with her shoe, and helping her in getting it mended, so she can walk well, a little detail that her so-called rich boyfriend didn't realize.

Create Time for Your Love: How can you be in love with someone and not create time for them? Which is what Kunle Remi did when she called to tell him her car was faulty, he clearly demonstrated he doesn't have the time.

Make Necessary Sacrifice to your lover: Loving someone might warrant you to make some sacrifice which might seem foolish or stupid at first, but might be necessary, as Mr P demonstrated when he was at Kunle Remi's office for an interview, but had to choose between ending up in an interview or choosing to help his love interest, which he later sacrificed the interview for.

Love cost nothing: The price that might be required of love can be quite minimal at times, which is what Mr P had proven, after he rejected the money that was offered to him by Kunle Remi and Tolu Bally after he had mended her shoe, and also by proving that you don't have to buy an expensive bottle of champagne for your love interest before they consider you, as a sachet of pure water might be enough to convey your feelings with, as long as your intentions are genuine.

These are the salient messages of love that were conveyed in Paloma's music video by Mr P, I hope you understand them like I do?

Photo Credits: Mr P Paloma's Video.

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